A design for a bright and modern cafe for 8 anchored on the Last Stool by HEM

A bright and modern cafe for eight anchored on the last stool by Hem and the bright orange drum table by Woodtech, with flexible storage options in the NeedWant shelving by Blu Dot. Ideal for groups looking to chat or work in an open space.

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Mood Board: A Bright and Modern Cafe for Eight

The mood board for 'A Bright and Modern Cafe for Eight' draws inspiration from a vibrant color palette dominated by shades of orange and white, carefully chosen to evoke a sense of energy, enthusiasm, and modernity.

Furniture Layout:

  • Last Stool by Hem: The focal point of the cafe seating, providing modern and stylish seating for customers, with aesthetic simplicity and comfort ideal for a modern cafe environment.
  • Drum Table by Woodtech: A versatile centerpiece for the cafe, offering a surface for dining or socializing, with sleek and minimalistic design that complements the modern cafe concept.
  • NeedWant Shelving by Blu Dot: Practical shelving for displaying cafe products, adding both function and style, with a contemporary and functional design that enhances the cafe's storage and decor.

'A Bright and Modern Cafe for 8' is a place designed for those who seek a contemporary and lively atmosphere. This cafe space exudes a dynamic and inviting vibe. Whether you're catching up with friends, enjoying a cup of coffee, or working on your laptop, this space offers a fresh and vibrant experience that's perfect for a party of eight.

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