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Our approach:

Most businesses that manage space today, whether in workplace, hospitality, retail or any other vertical, spend an inordinate amount of time and resources designing and building spaces that data shows will be demolished well before the end of their useful life. Such is the reality of commercial real estate. The rate of change of the experience is higher than what can be accommodated by traditional design and construction timelines.

Outside the tremendous negative impact all of this has on demolition waste, the financial waste is also staggering. For Canoa, this is an opportunity to recreate a wasteful 20th century industry into it's lighter, 21st century version.

Build Less

Interior architecture that is built directly into the space can be great, but it lacks any flexibility. What happens if our teams need something different over time? What happens if we change our mind or make a mistake? It is pretty unforgiving. And the rate at which our spatial needs change, whether it's a hybrid office or a new retail space, requires flexibility. So how do you design a beautiful and functional interior space that is adaptable to change?

Modular Architecture

You need the ability to deploy physical changes faster, cheaper, and with less waste. Enter: Modular Architecture.

A subset of commercial furnishings, interior modular components like phone booths, nooks, private offices and even conference rooms can be purchased and assembled directly from manufacturers instead of choosing traditional construction.

The benefits are clear: a higher quality experience, faster to deploy, more freedom to adapt and less waste.

Design with Modular Architecture Today

Buy Better

We don't always need to buy new. And, when we do, we can buy with longevity in mind. In a world filled with fast furniture, how can you know that you are making environmentally friendly design decisions?

CANOA Carbon Index

We strongly believe people should be armed with the information they need to make good decisions. Unfortunately, this is far from reality in the world of furniture today. Our research shows that less than 3% of commercial products even publish Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) or life cycle assessments (LCAs) today.

To address this gap in data, we have created a proprietary carbon calculator, that aggregates certified LCAs and EPDs and uses some data science to produce directionally-accurate predictions of the carbon footprint of each product category. This is a critical data point to understand the potential embodied carbon in the objects you design with, and even more powerful to calculate the carbon savings of designing with second life over new products.  

Our Carbon Index is in beta and already helping our users make informed design decisions based on data. We will be publishing more detail on our methodology over the coming months.

See the Carbon Index in Action

Waste Nothing

Just because we're done using something, doesn't mean that product has reached the end of its life. Many commercial furniture products have warranties that span from 10 years to a lifetime. Yet, the average business uses and depreciates these assets at 5 years or less! The need to refresh and refresh your space can also create waste; what do you do with all that furniture that you are no longer using? Unfortunately, too often it ends up in the landfill.

How can we keep furniture out of landfills, at scale?

New & Used Products, Together

One of the best ways to make an impact in your designs is to design with second life inventory. Until now, it's been difficult to source used products together with new, but Canoa is solving that problem. Our platform enables furniture resellers large and small to expand their reach, and provides data-rich product information to designers who want to reduce the carbon footprint of their designs.

For the first time, you can design with new and second life products together!

But what about the stuff you already have? Businesses should have visibility into their own inventory and should be able to use it, deploy it and redeploy it as needed with minimal effort; but most FF&E inventory is locked up in spreadsheets in the accounting software. Canoa simplifies this problem and provides tools for teams to onboard and maintain their own inventory, whether they're a small company or large.

Design with Second Life Furniture Today


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