Design on your terms.

Access the data you need to design on your own terms.

The only collaborative design tool and furniture

marketplace built by designers for designers.

Bring others into your design process.

Design is never done alone, yet collaboration is hard. We made it easy by letting you invite others into your design process. For the first time you can create, share, present, comment, approve, and handoff design work all in one platform.

Enhance Discoverability

We brought new and pre-owned furniture, lighting and accessories together in our marketplace. Now discover products, organize or curate favorites, and drag and drop products into your floor plan. Say goodbye to downloading symbols, searching across multiple platforms and reusing old standards.

Know your true impact

Track your data on how much weight, carbon and volume you have successfully diverted from landfills from the moment of specification.

Bias pre-owned products on your projects through our Second Life collection available in our marketplace.

All your FF&E design needs in one location.

Curate, plan, collaborate and organize all furniture projects in one location. Create better spaces with CANOA.

How does it work?
Upload your floorplan
Add any project floor plan to CANOA's design tool tether.
Drag products in
Discover furniture, lighting and accessories in our marketplace. Curate favorite products and kits and add to your floor plan.
Add a collaborator
Add a teammate or project stakeholder to your plan to give feedback.

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