Canoa For

Inspiration to specification, on your terms.

A portion of a canvas with inspiration images and product specifications.
Built for designers, by designers. 
Because we deserve great tech too.

Redesign your workflow

How you discover, design and present your work matters and shouldn’t be hard. You deserve tools that work for you, not against you. Now create mood boards, source products, create floor plans and furniture schedules all in one tool.

Make design multiplayer

Invite others into your process, why because design is never done alone. It’s time to make design multiplayer.

A screenshot of Canoa's canvas, an online software for interior designers

Discover your new favorite brand with the help of AI

Ask your AI co-pilot to find alternative or complimentary products that meet your design intent.

A portion of a canvas with inspiration images and product specifications.

One location for all your design standards

Finally organize your favorite products, design standards and upload your own in one location.

Catalog Pro empowers you to manage your product data in bulk or one by one

Integrate with your favorite tools

Easily import and export images, CAD drawings and product specifications to quickly move in and out of Canoa.

Design is never done alone.™

“Working with Canoa has been a dream as it feels like it was created for my studio’s creative process. The canvas lets me see all my ideas in one place to help streamline my workflow and communication with clients.”
Kate Swanson, Founder