Canoa For rep groups

Manage all your brand lines in one organized location.

Built for designers, by designers. 
Because we deserve great tech too.
A screenshot of Canoa's canvas, an online software for interior designers

Get noticed

Join the future of interior design tools by listing and publishing your products on Canoa. 

An image of a furniture specifications catalog

One location for all your information

Upload your products in an organized location to share lead-time, pricing and 2d drawings. Eliminate the hassle of back and forth emails.

Create and share presentations

Canvas is a new way to merchandise and share your products. Create canvases that show new launches, tradeshows and products. Share and collaborate with designers.

Collaborate with your brands

Invite your brands to publish their products on Canoa.

Design is never done alone.™

“Working with Canoa has been a dream as it feels like it was created for my studio’s creative process. The canvas lets me see all my ideas in one place to help streamline my workflow and communication with clients.”
Kate Swanson, Founder