Interior design tools,
meet the internet

It started with a simple idea

What if interior designers, dealers, furniture brands and clients could create and deliver better, more sustainable spaces as a team from start to finish... all in one connected workflow?

Our product ethos

our tools must be as playful as they are smart

Fast, fun and super smart. That's what we want and we are not going to settle for less. For too long interior designers have had to settle with borrowed tools from adjacent design fields that had to be 'good enough' but were never great. We reject this status quo and welcome one where more and more people can design at a high level.

An example of AI use in interior design

we want real data from real brands

Why do I have to spend so much time out there fetching critical data I need to specify a product? A design tool that is not just connected to the internet, but that lives online allows us to constantly feed you new brand and product catalogs. Explore products, effortlessly organize or curate your favorites from brands like Hem, Design by Them, Vaarnii and more, and seamlessly drag and drop live products into your floor plan.

An example of an ff&e catalog

collaboration and automation are table stakes

Design is never done alone, but collaboration can be a challenge in a file-based world. That's why we've made it easy for you to invite others into your design process. For the first time, you can seamlessly create, share, present, comment, approve, and hand off design work, all within a single, user-friendly platform.

Floor plan designed in Canoa platform with modern furniture from product catalog.

Why we are passionate about this

We are designers ourselves.

We have spent a long time working to perfect our craft and have become workflow experts, jumping through hoops to get our work done. We believe that just like any other craftsperson, we are defined by the tools we use to make things. It is this love of craft that drives us every day to improve our own, and to share it with the world.

Despite their widespread use, tools like Revit, AutoCAD, and SketchUp have fallen short in supporting this aspect of the design process, leading designers to rely heavily on tools like Excel and PowerPoint. Canoa effectively supplements these 3D tools, capturing the rest of the design process with product tracking and presentation workflows.

Designer use Canoa to create pixel-perfect concept boards, layouts, and product schedules as they go from inspiration to specification. They can effortlessly move from Pinterest, AutoCad, Excel, and PDF to an infinite canvas where they can collect, combine, arrange, and layout new designs with their team. Canoa combines a top-tier online vector and image editor with an industry-specific content management system (CMS) and an AI co-pilot that follows the designers' every click, providing in-line suggestions that aid in the search and discovery of new products drastically amplifying their design process.