How To Start Space Planning Like A Professional Interior Designer

Interior Designers start their space planning process by laying out 2D furniture CAD blocks in their floor plans. This allows designers to visualize furniture layouts accurately and efficiently, making it easier to plan and optimize the use of space within a room or building. To get started, check out our Space Planning Starter Kit.

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Space Planning Starter Kit includes thirty-five 2D furniture blocks and collaboration settings for commercial interior design layouts. Use these to start arranging and visualizing furniture within your space. A perfect kit for the beginning phases of design: Concepting, programming, test fits and initial space plans.

How To Use The Space Planning Starter Kit

Here's how to do it in Canoa:

✔ Select Furniture Blocks:

Choose from any of our 2D CAD blocks representing the furniture pieces you want to include in your vignette. 

✔ Arrange Furniture:

Want to blend vignettes together? Insert the selected furniture blocks into your canvas and arrange them to create the desired vignette. Pay attention to spacing, alignment, and proportions.

✔ Add Text and Annotations:

Consider adding text or annotations to your canvas board to provide context or explain specific elements. This could include quotes, descriptions, or notes about your creative process, materials, or inspirations.

✔ Label and Annotate:

Label the furniture pieces and add any necessary annotations to provide information about the layout or dimensions.

✔ Review and Refine:

Review your vignette to ensure it effectively communicates the intended furniture arrangement. Make any necessary adjustments or refinements to improve clarity and readability.

✔ Share and Collaborate:

Share your canvas board with others, such as collaborators, clients, or mentors, to gather feedback and insights. Collaborating with others can help refine your ideas and strengthen your project concept.

✔ Collect Feedback:

Share your vignette with clients, colleagues, or stakeholders and collect feedback to further refine and improve your presentation. Use feedback to make any final adjustments before finalizing the vignette.

By following these steps, you can create clear and visually appealing 2D CAD block furniture vignettes to showcase furniture arrangements within a space.

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