Riding the waves of innovation and creativity with the new NCQ Workstation by Reddie

The mood board ignites innovative thinking with deep ocean blue signifying wisdom and golden gate orange sparking creativity. The NCW Workstation anchors a realm of innovation. The furniture layout merges NCW's functionality with color fusion, while the Alfi Counter Stool and Base High Table create a dynamic space celebrating creativity and productivity.

Created by:
Alexander Jeongco

Mood Board: Dynamic Inspiration

In this mood board, innovation and creativity collide, setting the stage for exploration and inventive thinking. Deep ocean blue symbolizes depth and wisdom, while golden gate orange ignites energy and creativity. The NCW Workstation by Reddie commands attention, fostering an environment for innovation and productivity.

Furniture Layout: Fusion of Graphic Design Inspiration and Vision

  • The NCW Workstation by Reddie becomes the nucleus of creative endeavor, offering functionality while seamlessly blending deep ocean blue and golden gate orange, symbolizing the marriage of innovation and style.
  • The Alfi Counter Stool by Emeco injects modernity and comfort, its vibrant orange hue complementing the color scheme and providing a relaxed seating solution.
  • The [Base High Table] (https://canoa.supply/products/base-high-table-yRPawwotPB)by Muuto complements the ensemble, offering a dynamic workspace in deep ocean blue, accentuating the fusion of creativity and productivity.

This design template celebrates collaboration, embodying the spirit of innovation. It invites individuals into an environment that inspires creativity and forward-thinking. It's a space that motivates and drives the spirit of the deep ocean and the brightness of the Golden Gate bridge.

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