A design for a neutral meeting space based on the Revolve Chair by Arco

This design concept balances inviting neutrality with hints of intrigue through dark accents. The Re-Volve Chair by Arco anchors the room, while the Screen 100 by Artek divides space elegantly. Complemented by the Horizon Side Table by Citta Design, it fosters collaboration and innovation in a diverse environment for discussions and breakout sessions.

Created by:
Ellie Cunningham

Incorporating a palette of neutral pastels and dark accents, this design concept aims to balance calmness with intrigue. The neutral pastels infuse the area with an inviting and comfortable atmosphere, promoting open discussions and cooperation.

  • The Re-Volve Chair by Arco takes the focal point in the meeting room with it's deep chocolate finish. Its design complements the collaborative setting.
  • The Screen 100 by Artek divides the space elegantly, adding a functional yet aesthetically pleasing element. Its neutral tone provides a sense of privacy for breakout discussions while maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere.​
  • Complementing this setup, the Horizon Side Table by Citta Design introduces a touch of intrigue and fun with it's curved legs. Serving as a functional hub for materials and resources, this table adds a subtle yet impactful presence.

This design layout harmonizes elements of neutrality and drama, offering a diverse and conducive environment for professional discussions, collaborations, and breakout sessions. It creates an atmosphere primed for innovation, fostering teamwork and creativity within the core space and breakout rooms.

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