A design for a modern Scandinavian lodge and gathering space anchored on the 111 Navy Chair by Emeco

"Experience a Modern Scandinavian Lodge ambiance at the offsite gathering, featuring the iconic 111 Navy Chair, a vibrant Gobi 1 Planter, and the inviting Amp Chandelier. This fusion of blue and red hues exudes serenity and vibrancy."

Created by:
Alison Kubinski

Imagine a Modern Scandinavian Lodge for an offsite gathering, accentuated by the 111 Navy Chair by Emeco, Gobi 1 Planter by Diabla Outdoor, and the Amp Chandelier Large US by Normann Copenhagen. This concept unites blue hues for calmness and red tones for vibrancy, culminating in a balanced ambiance. 

  • The iconic 111 Navy Chair symbolizes sustainability and elegance, harmonizing with the Gobi Planter's vibrant red hue, which infuses life into the space. 
  • The Amp Chandelier with its red accents and modern design casts a warm glow, creating an inviting atmosphere. This fusion of tones and products defines a gathering spot that's both serene and energizing, ideal for collaborative and creative sessions.

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