A design for a retail popup for Los Angeles based on the Offset Dining table by Resident and the Albert Bar Stool by Massproductions

The "Brand Popup for Intro LA" template is a visionary pop-up retail store designed for high renewable material content. Centered on the Offset Dining Table by Resident, the Albert Bar Stool by Massproductions, and the Unplugged Stripes Rug by Nodi, it showcases eco-conscious products in a vibrant, sustainable setting adorned in yellow and brick hues.

Created by:
Kevin Chung

Mood Board: A Vibrant Eco-Oasis

The dynamic combination of yellow and brick hues infuses the environment with energy and creativity. Yellow represents a sense of vibrancy and optimism, while brick brings warmth and character. The Unplugged Stripes Rug by Nodi, made from renewable materials, takes the spotlight, symbolizing the store's commitment to sustainability. Thoughtful lighting designs add to the ambiance, creating an environment that ignites curiosity and exploration.

Furniture Layout: Sustainable Sophistication

The furniture layout features thoughtfully chosen pieces recognized for their style and high renewable material content:

  • Resident's Offset Dining Table graces the center, offering a platform to showcase products. Its eco-conscious design underscores the store's commitment to renewable materials.
  • The Albert Bar Stool by Massproductions provides seating that blends comfort and style. Its renewable materials align perfectly with the store's eco-friendly mission.
  • The Unplugged Stripes Rug by Nodi ties the space together, inviting customers to explore the eco-conscious merchandise. Its renewable material content makes it a cornerstone of sustainability in the store.

This design template artfully combines style and sustainability, all bathed in the dynamic hues of yellow and brick. The result is a pop-up retail store that emphasizes renewable material content while providing a captivating environment for customers to engage with eco-conscious products. Whether it's a fashion showcase or an art exhibition, this space is the epitome of both innovation and environmental responsibility, offering a unique and inspiring retail experience.

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