A design for a dining room anchored on the Ace Side Table by Jardan

The "Residential Dining Room" template embodies elegance through simplicity, focusing on a light grey and deep blue color scheme. Featuring the Ace Side Table by Jardan, the Sacha Chair by Resident, and the Wall Box by Please Wait To Be Seated, it offers a straightforward, yet stylish, dining experience in a minimalist setting.

Created by:
Kevin Chung

Mood Board: Minimalist Elegance

The mood board sets the tone for this residential dining room, embracing a minimalist yet elegant ambiance. Light grey creates a clean and airy backdrop, evoking a sense of tranquility and space. Deep blue accents bring depth and character. The Wall Box by Please Wait To Be Seated, with its functional design, becomes the focal point, highlighting the room's dedication to straightforward, yet stylish functionality. Soft, direct lighting enhances the simplicity, offering focused illumination over the dining area.

Furniture Layout: Direct and Functional

The furniture layout is characterized by straightforward, functional pieces that maintain a sense of style:

  • Jardan's Ace Side Table is a versatile centerpiece that supports the dining experience. Its clean lines and unobtrusive design serve to accentuate the room's simplicity.
  • The Sacha Chair by Resident offers seating that is a perfect blend of form and function. Its sleek, comfortable design complements the room's aesthetic.
  • The Wall Box by Please Wait To Be Seated is the epitome of functional elegance, offering storage and display options without compromising on style.

This design template is all about understated elegance and functionality, highlighted by light grey and deep blue tones. It creates a residential dining room that is straightforward, yet stylish, emphasizing clean lines and uncluttered spaces. Whether it's a casual family dinner or a formal gathering, this space serves as a reflection of minimalist beauty and functional excellence.

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