A design for an open work lounge that uses the Souvenir Velvet sofa by Blu Dot

Earthy olive and wood tones create a cozy atmosphere, complemented by gold and brass hints for elegance. The Souvenir Velvet Sofa by Blu Dot provides comfort for work and relaxation, paired with warm lighting and a snug rug for a relaxed vibe.

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The earthy tones of olive and wood infuse a cozy and natural feel, fostering a laid-back and inviting atmosphere. They blend seamlessly with touches of gold and brass, adding a dash of elegance without feeling overly formal.

  • The Souvenir Velvet Sofa by Blu Dot boasts an inviting olive shade, promising both style and comfort, making it perfect for collaborative work sessions and unwinding moments.
  • The Flowerpot Vp9 Table Lamp by &Tradition adds a warm, inviting glow with its hints of gold and brass, enhancing the lounge area's ambiance.
  • Completing the setup, the Angsmark Rug by Kasthall ties everything together, offering a snug base. Its earthy tones complement the olive and wood shades, ensuring both comfort and a relaxed aesthetic.

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