A design for a dream office space anchored on the Read Spacious Bookshelf by Montana

The "Cottage Core Dream Office" is a nostalgic haven anchored by the Read Spacious Bookshelf by Montana. With dark accents and muted earth tones, this sanctuary blends the cottage and nature. The N01 Nendo Chair by Fritz Hansen and the Noah Floor Light by Filippo Mambretti create a tranquil workspace surrounded by nature and filled with light.

Created by:
Corinne Murray

Mood Board: Corinne's Farm & Market

Embracing a palette of black accents and muted earth tones, Corrinne's canvas brings out the Crafty kid in the inner child. The tones create an environment that is grounded in nature, inspiring a sense of peace and harmony. Black accents add a touch of elegance while the earth tones invite a connection with the farmhouse outdoors.

Furniture Layout: 

  • The Read Spacious Bookshelf by Montana forms the heart of this space, offering a fusion of utility and aesthetic. Its versatile design provides ample space for both organizing essentials and displaying cherished decor, resonating with the cottage core aesthetic.
  • Surrounding the bookshelf, the N01 Nendo Chair by Fritz Hansen embodies elegance and functionality. Its sleek design in muted earth tones complements the black accents, providing comfort and style for long hours of work or relaxation.
  • The Noah Floor Light by Filippo Mambretti from Gantri casts a gentle glow, adding a touch of ambiance to the workspace. Its design resonates with the overall theme, enhancing the cottage core feel while offering ample illumination.

This canvas is a celebration of nostalgia and functionality, where productivity meets tranquility. The Cottage Core Dream Office invites a sense of nostalgia and natural beauty, offering a sanctuary for creativity and reflection. It's an ideal space for work, relaxation, and the harmonious blend of nature-inspired aesthetics.

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