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A design for a classic yet energizing workspace for 8 anchored on the Physix Chair by Vitra

The mood board combines red and grey, infusing 'A Classic and Energizing Workspace for Eight' with timeless energy. Anchored by the Physix Task Chair by Vitra and complemented by the Canteen XL Modular Desk by Very Good & Proper, this workspace is the ideal blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary functionality, perfect for productive teamwork or individual tasks.
Written by
Alma Lopez
Published on
April 10, 2024

Mood Board: Classic and Energizing

The mood board for 'A Classic and Energizing Workspace for Eight' is a dynamic blend of red and grey, infusing the space with energy and a classic touch. This color palette stimulates productivity and evokes a sense of timelessness.

Furniture Layout: Ergonomic and Bright

  • Physix Task Chair by Vitra: As the core element, it combines ergonomic excellence with a timeless design. This chair offers comfort, support, and style, ensuring that long work hours are both efficient and enjoyable.
  • Canteen XL Modular Desk by Very Good & Proper: A versatile desk with ample space for collaborative work. Its sleek design complements the classic workspace concept and enhances productivity.

This setup creates a classic and energizing environment, perfect for eight individuals seeking efficiency and inspiration. Whether you're working independently, collaborating with your team, or holding meetings, this workspace provides a harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary functionality.

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