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The first end-to-end platform for designing, procuring and managing low-carbon, reconfigurable interiors.

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Our cities are changing.
Technology and a global pandemic have littered the American landscape with empty office towers, shopping malls, urban retail corridors, hotels and parking garages. 

Yet, most of us still lack access to healthy, walkable and affordable places to work, play and learn.

Adapting and modernizing our existing building stock is key to achieving these goals. It's time to finally leave the 20th century behind.

It's time to rebuild.

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Canoa is the first end-to-end design and construction platform for fast, adaptive, low-carbon commercial retrofits. Our membership-based model is designed for fast growing businesses, property managers and operators who manage or are scaling large portfolios of commercial real estate.

1. A simple design platform

No software to install. No files to share or track. No lost work. Welcome to intelligent space planning and inventory management, right in the browser. Built for teams, Canoa's app allows internal teams to plan, share, and ideate with their end users flawlessly while also plan and execute real world deployments.

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2. ready-to-use, Low carbon templates

Manage design on the Canoa platform using our ready-made design templates and specifications for low-carbon fit-outs and building infrastructure upgrades that work in the most common existing conditions and municipalities. Or bring your own standards, and use our tools to consolidate plans and specifications and collaborate on projects from feasibility, programming, space planning and compliance through construction. Our design management platform is your team's end-to-end home to get work done. Don't start from scratch ever again.

3. Real world deployments

Move seamlessly from online design management to onsite coordination. Bringing healthy environments to life requires delivery, install, and construction, all of which are difficult and time-consuming to manage across multiple locations at the same time. Our network of trusted logistics and installation partners across the U.S. is ready to go when you are. When you're ready to bring your vision to life, set your deployment in motion with a click.

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