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Go from inspiration to specification with your own AI co-pilot
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An infinite canvas, online

Work in the browser to mold your ideas for interior spaces with images, drawings, layouts and your favorite product specifications alone or with your team.
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A portion of a canvas with inspiration images and product specifications.

Create quick furniture layouts, presentations & schedules

Natively work with scale, vector drawings and images to create designs that are to dimensionally accurate, high quality space plans and layouts, presentations and data rich furniture schedules.
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An image of a furniture plan with associated specifications

Integrate with your favorite tools

Copy and paste images from Pinterest, Miro or any website directly into a canvas. Import and export vector drawings from AutoCad. Pass product data to Excel, Airtable, Revit or CET.
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An image of a furniture specifications catalog

Discover products with the help of AI

Ask your AI co-pilot to quickly search through millions of specification records to quickly find options and re-specify a product, or even find complementary products from hundreds of brands who publish the catalogs on Canoa.
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A screenshot of Canoa's canvas, an online software for interior designers

Discover some of the 100s of brands that already publish their catalogs on Canoa

Furniture, lighting and accessories brands that use canoa to list their catalogs openly online and share them with the community.
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Design is never done alone.™


All the latest news on Canoa

February 12, 2024

Release: Projects

Canoa releases new product info features for easy visibility and data creation.

February 9, 2024

Kicking off our 2024 Product Roadshow!

January kicked off our in-person product roadshow. A week long experience to meet with our early adopters IRL and connect with more designers who are actively rejecting status quo processes and practices and are embracing new ways to master their craft.


February 6, 2024

Release: Frames & Improvements

Canoa releases new product info features for easy visibility and data creation.

“Working with Canoa has been a dream as it feels like it was created for my studio’s creative process. The canvas lets me see all my ideas in one place to help streamline my workflow and communication with clients.”
Kate Swanson, Founder