The Anti-Architect Podcast featuring Lance Amato from Canoa

Lance Amato discusses Canoa and the impact of technology on architecture and design in this episode of The Anti-Architect podcast.

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Canoa's Lance Amato joins the Anti-Architect Podcast to discuss his career in architecture and the impact of technology on the profession.

In this podcast, Lance Amato sits down with Christian Giordano, the host of The Anti-Architect Podcast, to discuss his career trajectory, the impact of technology on professional practice, and how he landed at Canoa.

Lance has had an amazing career so far, with diverse experience across the areas of interior design and architecture. Most recently, he spent 13 years at Vocon's New York office, where he acted as principal and managed a team of 60 architects and designers working with corporate clients such as Hines, RXR, Compass, and WeWork.

You will hear him walk through his career, from education at University of Miami to working in firms, to taking on WeWork as a client and how that redefined his career. He shares interesting anecdotes about his fear of heights, and how his firm had to quickly learn Revit after he promised a client that they knew how to use the software.

Then they dive into his biggest career switch, from principal at an architecture firm to partner in a technology startup, Canoa. Lance talks about how he wanted to shift his energy and efforts into trying to redefine how architects practice, focusing on technology, and actually practicing sustainable means and methodologies and really push the barriers without constraint of budgets or politics.

Topics range from the impact of COVID on coworking, what architects do well and what they do wrong, and why timeless design will always be the most sustainable choice.

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About the Anti-Architect Podcast

As the president and owner of design firm Mancini Duffy, Christian Giordano is driven by a quest for learning and radically changing the industry through tech-first innovation. With this podcast, he takes a critical look at how architects work with their clients and, in turn, how their clients view them.