Release: The Cart

Canoa releases a new product feature. For the first time, shop directly from your floorplan with add to cart.

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9/26/2023 Update: Based on feedback from designers and suppliers, we learned that Canoa's best feature was providing designers access to robust product data, such as pricing, lead times, and embodied carbon, and providing suppliers the opportunity to get their data in the hands of designers. Our shopping cart experience created a barrier for designers and suppliers to collaborate in platform with their preferred partners such as dealers or furniture reps, and therefore we deprecated the shop to focus on providing a data-rich product catalog.

🛒 The Cart

For the first time, customer can shop directly from their floorplan or from the catalog.

  • Your cart is automatically filled with any products that you add to your project
  • You can also add products to the cart by shopping directly in The Shop or your catalog favorites
  • Request a quote directly from your cart, and we will work on confirming prices and lead times with suppliers.
  • You will receive an email with your final order to approve and process payment!