Release Notes

Release: Team Administration

Canoa releases new product features, including an easier way to add team members to your account.

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🚨 Account and Team Administration in Canoa!! 🚨

The release this week introduces Account and Team administration in Canoa, moving it off of our old web code and allowing for easier self-service for our internal team and external users.  New accounts can be quickly created with users added in a more streamlined way to speed up the process of getting users into the platform.  Also, admin users (internal and external) can quickly invite other non-users to the platform and with the ability for to them sign up and sign in to platform.

🚀 Account Administration

Canoa users can now see and access all account on the platform allowing for a better and easier method to update account information and add users to an account from platform.

🚀 Team Administration

It will be easier and more efficient now to invite new users to our Canoa platform!  The new Team administration page replaces the old hosted page and uses the same Nav Bar icon. The Members tab will list all the users for an account with the ability to invite both new and existing users, who are on a different account, to join.

From the members tab, users can:

  • See all users for an account
  • Invite, Remove, and Update roles for Members of an account (Admin role only)
  • Invite/Add users from one account to another account
  • See when the Last Login was for a user
  • Resend the invitation email for members who haven’t logged in yet
  • For both member and admin roles, users can edit their own information in the list
  • including adding a picture for your profile icon 💁‍♂️  !
A pop-up window demonstrates how to add members to your team and assign a role.

Two Account User Roles available (note: these do not affect the permission levels set at the Project level)

  • Admin Users
  •    Can add one or multiple new members at the same time
  •    Can assign/update member roles
  •    Can remove members
  •    Can approve orders
  • Member Users
  •    Can edit their own member information