Release Notes

Release: Self-Signup and Help

Canoa releases new product features, including self-sign up and a better way to get help with your designs.

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🚨 Canoa Self-Signup 🚨

The proverbial floodgates are opening!!

Self-sign up provide users with the ability to create an account and access the Canoa platform all on their own!  Our Head of Sales will no longer need to sprint to his computer on Saturday night to create accounts and users!

New users will be presented with a guide to assist them with in-app onboarding.

🚀 New Help Center

To further empower users to self-assist themselves with our new self-sign up process, we have updated our Help Center!! The URL for the new Help Center is  and the help links in the platform have been updated for the new site.

The Help Center for Canoa includes sections like Videos, Product Release Notes, and FAQs.

We are exploring in-app Chat to quickly assist customers. Meanwhile, all users should go to this Knowledge Base, check out our YouTube channel for helpful videos, or can always email us at [email protected]