8 min read

Release: Scaling, Measure & Opacity

Canoa releases new product info features for easy visibility and data creation.
Written by
Chelsea Flintoft
Published on
May 30, 2024

📐 Scaling

Start designing precisely!!! Users can now import floor plan images and create layouts on a background at scale.

  • Use Scale tool in toolbar or on imported image
  • Draw a line segment to determine the original length and the desired length

📏 Measure

Our measuring tool can be use to check spacing, size, and other dimensions.

  • This is different from an annotation tool, each measurement will disappear after it’s taken
  • Locate the measuring tool in the main toolbar

🧊 Appearance / Opacity

Remove Background and Opacity are available in a single menu on images

  • View the percentage of opacity as you move the slider
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