Release Notes

Release: Rename, Duplicate, and Share Your Canvas

Canoa releases new canvas features, including rename, duplicate, share right from the canvas dashboard.

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  • New canvas features, including rename, duplicate, share right from the canvas dashboard
  • Get familiar with canvas shortcut keys!

🚀 Canvas Dashboard actions

Say hello to your collaborators and some cute canvas names 💅

Check out all of your collaborators from your dashboard, so you know which team members have access to which canvases, before you even open them.

Icons showing collaborators are at the bottom of a canvas thumbnail on the dashboard.

We’ve also added more key functionality for renaming your canvas (in case Brainy Penguin doesn’t quite capture the mood you're going for).

The canvas named Brainy Penguin is being renamed by a collaborator.

You can also duplicate a canvas, so you can start a new board from an old inspiration, or create alternate design options for a client.

A menu on the canvas dashboard shows the options share, rename, and duplicate.n

Just click on the three dots in the top right of your canvas thumbnail in your dashboard to see your new options!

🎹 A reminder about keyboard shortcuts

Some tips and tricks to flying through canvas commands

  • Arrow keys: nudge selected scene node
  • Delete / Backspace: Delete selected scene node
  • Escape: clear selection
  • A + Cntl / Command key: Select all
  • C + Cntrl / Command key: Copy
  • V + Cntl / Command key: Paste to center of viewport
  • V + Cntl / Command key + Shift: Paste in place
  • Z + Cntrl / Command key + Shift: Redo
  • Z + Cntrl / Command key: Undo
  • [ + Shift Bring to front
  • ] + Shift Send to back

Open a new or existing canvas and give these shortcuts a try! We especially love the Bring to Front and Send to Back commands for layering your mood boards and furniture layouts. Now it's easy to get that sofa right on top of your rug!


  • Escape: sets select tool as current tool
  • Space / H Key: Sets drag to pan tool active

That's all for now - but our team is always working on adding the best new features, so we'll see you back here in a couple weeks for more notes!