Release Notes

Release: Product Data Imports

Canoa releases new product features. Data imports from supplier ecommerce sites make our product catalog even bigger.

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🛍️ Massive ecommerce integration👏

This is HUGE for supplier data.

We pulled data for 100,000 products from one of our supplier's website through their ecommerce platform. We can use this process as a template to quickly onboard supplier data across any supplier who uses the same platform.

  • Can be implement quickly
  • Regular updates pull live data directly from the supplier site
  • Exports come with images 📸

If you are a supplier that wants to get your data on Canoa, get in touch with our team!

🚧 In Progress - Coming Soon 🚧

🧑‍🎨 Canvas 🧑‍🎨

Canoa Canvas shows what mood boards might look like in this new product release.

👀   👀   👀  

Canoa Canvas shows what a floor plan could look like, shown next to a selection of sleek neutral colored furniture.

👀   👀   👀   👀   👀

A large office floorplan shows a visual breakout of a lounge space with comfortable neutral furniture.

🤩     🤩     🤩     🤩     🤩     🤩     🤩     🤩     🤩