Release Notes

Release: Product Catalog Updates

Canoa releases new product features, including improvements to product data in our furniture catalog.

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  • User-generated product cards now match the product cards in the main product catalog
  • Products with missing drawings automatically get placeholders
  • Collections are featured on the “products” page
  • Removed the cart functionality

🚀 Catalog Cards

New cards! We’ve updated our catalog cards to match the product catalog (formerly known as The Shop)

Products saved from the Canoa product catalog have a magical purple glow that differentiates them and their data from user-created content

Furniture product cards in the Product Catalog show important data like price and lead time.

🖌️ Generic Drawings

All products that are missing drawings will now populate with a placeholder based on their sub-category.

This allows us to release more product data faster, as well as create a data driven backlog for how we approach our drawing priorities. If you add a product to your layout and see a purple outline, it means that your drawing is coming soon! Check back in a few days and you're likely to find the drawing updated. If you urgently need the real to-scale drawing, reach out to [email protected].

Furniture CAD drawings are black if the drawing is finished or purple if it is a placeholder.

🛍️ Collection Images

We’ve added images of our collections to the products homepage.

Designers love our collections! There has been good traction on our collection pages, so we decided to put them front and center, to help you get inspired.

The Canoa product catalog shows collections highlighted at the top of the screen for easy navigation.

🛒 Cart Functionality

We've deprecated the shopping cart to focus on providing unlimited product data to design with.

Based on feedback from designers and suppliers, we learned that Canoa's best feature was providing designers access to robust product data, such as pricing, lead times, and embodied carbon, and providing suppliers the opportunity to get their data in the hands of designers. Our shopping cart experience created a barrier for designers and suppliers to collaborate in platform with their preferred partners such as dealers or furniture reps. We listened, and released an update to "The Shop", which is now a data-rich product catalog where suppliers can list all their product data and designers can discover more and more cute things.