Release: Product and Kits, Inventory, Comments

Canoa releases cool new product features, including a better way to manage your product cards and inventory.

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  • New product and kit spec view with cleaner look and feel, as well as new features such as direct "Add to Project" button, "Favorite" icon, new comment interface, "Kits" section, "Similar Products," "Condition," and "Availability"
  • Inventory improvements, including ability to add comments and archive items
  • Ability to resolve comments in Products, Inventory Items, and Layouts
  • In progress: upcoming features such as The Cart, Favorites, and Resell Inventory

🚀 New Product and Kit Spec View

Our “Specification View” for both Products and Kits has gotten a makeover.

While the main improvement here is the cleaner, simplified overall look and feel, there are a whole bunch of cool things in here that are setting us up for the future:

  • Direct Add to Project button (in Shop and Catalog)
  • ⭐ “Favorite” icon that automatically adds the product to your catalog (this is a sneak peek of a more fully integrated “favoriting” feature set coming soon)
  • 💬 New comment interface, with the ability to resolve comments
  • A return of the “Kits” section in the Product spec view that shows all kits
  • Similar Products displays related projects available in the Shop
  • New “Condition” and “Availability” that prepares us for more reselling and pre-owned inventory
  • Inventory section shows what you currently own, and let’s you click through to find items in layouts
You can filter the Product Catalog by conditions such as used or open box to find second hand products.

📦 Inventory Improvements

A few small updates to inventory:

  • Add comments to inventory items
  • Archive inventory items
Within the Inventory module, you can add comments or archive inventory items.

💬 Resolve Comments

In case it wasn’t entirely clear in the above sections, you can now Resolve Comments in Products, Inventory Items, and Layouts!