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Release: Pilot for Catalog Pro, Powerful Product Upload Tool

Canoa releases pilot program for catalog upload and management tool.
Written by
Chelsea Flintoft
Published on
May 30, 2024

⚡ Giving users the power to bulk manage their data

We have been building and testing a product management tool in the background, and we're ready to release it to a small cohort of accounts in Beta!

Catalog Pro is an administration tool for importing and maintaining product data. This is a lightweight product management solution that can be used by suppliers and manufacturers that want to list their products in the catalog, and also for designers who have favorite products or brand standards and want to bring all the product information into Canoa at one time.

From the Catalog Pro page, you can see all products you've created or imported, and take actions on those products, including updating pricing, adding tags, and publishing to the public Canoa catalog.

The Catalog Pro screen in Canoa shows a table of furniture with ability to edit.

You can also use the simple csv import tool to bring all the data in, rather than managing from the platform. You will receive an email once your import is complete.

An email shows Import Complete! and demonstrates the notification you receive.

If you are a manufacturer that is interested in being part of this pilot program, reach out to [email protected] !

And a bonus feature for today's release...

💌 Resend Invite

Now you can easily resend invitations to your teammates that have not yet activated their account. You can click the Resend Invite button from the Team page, and your team member will receive an email reminder.

And email display shows a reminder for a team member to sign up for Canoa canvas.

Ta-ta for now!

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