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Release: New Sign Up Flow and Canvas Keeps Getting Better

Canoa releases new product features, including account-based sign up flow and cool new canvas improvements.
Written by
Chelsea Flintoft
Published on
May 30, 2024


  • New Sign Up Flow!!! (part 1)
  • Canvas Features Improvements - Delete canvases, Improved sharing, and Copy/Paste images
  • Pretty link preview in LinkedIn, Twitter and the rest of it!

🚀 We have a new sign up flow

Users are prompted to invite their team members as soon as they create their account 💅

If you are collaborating with teammates, we've released a way to make sure those teammates are added to the same account during sign up, rather than needing to merge accounts later on. The sign up flow remains clean and simple, but with two big changes:

1. Error warning for duplicate account names

Now when a new person is signing up and adds a business name that already exists in our system, the user will be prompted to contact their team member to invite them to join their team.

A user tries to create an account with existing business name and gets red error message.

2. Ability to invite your team within the account creation flow, to easily jumpstart collaboration

An invitation popup with the names of users to be invited to Canoa account.

🤗 Share canvases

We've made several improvements to the “Share” modal based on feedback and bugs we were catching.

Access and ownership is now more clear!

  • Personal access is reiterated (Viewer, Editor) so you know what kind of access you have while in the canvas
  • Creator of the canvas is noted

It is now easier to share and control access to canvases!

  • Invite individual users from your account and set their permissions
  • Share a canvas with your entire account
  • Control visibility for public preview links
A user is the editor of Canvas and is adding team members with permissions.

Every public canvas link will have a persistent reminder, which the user cannot dismiss, alerting the user that they are in a public canvas and their changes will not be saved. This enables all users to play in the canvas without messing up your work!

A Canoa canvas shows purple toast reminder of personal access.

🧹 Delete canvases

Clean up your dashboard!

You can now delete any of the canvases you created, or you can remove yourself from ones that have been shared with that you don’t need anymore.

A popup window in Canoa asks for confirmation to delete canvas.

🖼️ Copy / Paste images from browser

You can now copy/paste images from outside the canvas onto your design, including using shortcuts like +C and +V

We've made it easier than ever to bring images from the web or other places in your computer onto your canvas. Now you don't need to only use the picture icon - you can copy an inspiration image from anywhere and paste it right into canvas.

A user copies an image from Pinterest so they can paste it onto the Canoa moodboard.n

👹 Generic Products Removed

Placeholder generic products have now been removed from the standard product catalog.

  • These placeholders were helpful to drop in a placeholder item or drawing, but now that it is easier than ever to bring in your own product data and images, they are no longer necessary
  • The Generic Collection has been removed from appearing in the canvas or in Catalogs, without disrupting places where users may have leveraged those products in the past.
A menu of generic furniture drawings including tables, dining chairs and lounge chairs.
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