Release Notes

Release: Message Center

The Canoa message center can super-charge collaboration between designers and your partners.

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💬 Message Center Release! 💬

🚀 Introducing Message Center!

2 main areas of the message center with an area for User Settings:

  • Activity: Provide users with real-time automatic notifications when there are updates for their projects. (Notifications for The Shop and My Catalog are not included yet)
  • Messages: Aggregate comments where the user is mentioned into a central location
  • Both Activities and Messages span across all Accounts a user has access to
Activity Notifications:
A message center notification feed shows activity of fulfillment updates and project updates.

  • Activity Notifications will be kept in the feed for 10 days, after 10 days they will be removed from the feed
  • Filtering by project drop-down will only show notifications for the selected project
  • Notifications happen for all accounts that a user is associated with. Account switching happens automatically when messages or notifications come from another account
  • Flags will pin and save a notification or message to the top of the list
  • Three dot menu allows users to mark things as read/unread; silence a category of notifications, and silence a project from sending notifications

Notifications fall into 4 categories that can be enabled/disabled per user:

Project Updates:

  • item price changes
  • item lead time changes
  • completion date change
  • install date changed
  • budget changed

Delivery and Install Updates

  • expected delivery date changes
  • item is shipping
  • item received at warehouse
  • item out for delivery to site
  • item delivered at building
  • item installed

Administrative Updates:

  • Users added/removed to a project

Fulfillment Updates (internal Canoa only)

A global user notifications window pops up on the screen and shows the ability to update the notifications you receive.

🚀 User and Project Settings

A project settings window shows the ability to turn notifications on and off for users in the project.

Settings are both at the user level, which are global for a user; and at the project level.

  • Notification categories are global for a user
  • Projects can be enabled/disabled for notifications
  • Weekly Digest now has a user setting for a user to opt out of the digest while still being enabled for other users of the project

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