Release Notes

Release: Little Updates

Canoa releases new product features, including product card enhancements and other little updates.

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Lots of little updates while we work on some bigger things!

New quick nav profile menu
The updated navigation bar shows quick links to go to modules in the platform.
Updated left Nav bar with new icons to make it clearer for the users
  • Creative admin and Order admin icon location moved to the bottom of the nav bar to free up space
Product and cart enhancements:
  • Updates to the order for The Shop tabs - Products, Collections, Kits
  • Products tab loads first when visiting The Shop
  • Ability to invite a non-user to a project and have an account created for them
  • Layout editor - scope area will lay beneath any zones that are created when locked (like the floor plan image)
  • Ability to re-order product images in the product editor page
  • Ability to restore archived products
  • Carbon calc runs on every product
  • Updated calculations for shipping estimates in the cart
  • Reseller fields are more clear, when searching second life products