Release Notes
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Release: Domain Admin and Mobile Views

Canoa releases cool new canvas features, including domain admin and a view-only mobile experience.
Written by
Chelsea Flintoft
Published on
May 30, 2024


  • Email domains for accounts!
  • Canvas start-up screen
  • Search the canvas dashboard
  • View-only on mobile

💌 Set an account wide email domain

Upon sign up, users can set a unique email domain that will allow other users with that domain to join their account automatically. When other users with this approved email domain sign up, they are detected as belonging to an existing account. They still have the option to create a separate new account as well.

This setting can be updated on the Team page from the sidebar.

A popup window in Team page shows the ability to set an email domain.

🎨 Canvas startup screen

New canvases have a prompt to get users started, so it's now easier than ever to understand how to start getting the most out of your canvas experience. These prompts disappears as soon as you take action.

The canvas startup window shows prompts like Add a Product and drag and drop an image.

🔍 Search canvas dashboard

We've added a search bar to the canvas dashboard, so now you can search the name of the canvas that you are looking for. This is great if you have a lot of canvases in your account and don't want to scroll through!

🎨 Canvas view-only mobile experience

We've unveiled a new mobile experience that allows users to select some objects but not move them, while in view-only. The toolbar is hidden as well. This will prevent unwanted edits as people are scrolling around a canvas on their mobile device.

Images of two Canoa canvases on a mobile device with view only capabilities.
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