Release Notes

Release: Creative Admin (create your own products!)

Canoa releases new product features, including a flexible and powerful way to bring your own products into your catalog.

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  • Creative Admin is a new platform for managing product data on the Canoa platform, with features such as customizable views, drill-down and live editing, bulk actions, and import/export capabilities. This is hidden behind a feature flag for Canoa users only - to be released to users soon!
  • Customer Orders new functionality, including reminder emails for approvals and payments, expiration dates, and more details included in orders
  • New product and kit spec editing pages allow for fluid editing of information and drawings
  • The Cart is set to launch publicly next week!
  • Coming soon: Favorites and Resell!

🚀 Creative Admin v1.0

Finally a place to manage all our product data!!! Creative Admin is the new home to the Canoa team managing product (and soon, to be released to users for managing their own product!)

View ALL products across ALL accounts

Creative Admin is a comprehensive, tabular view of every single product on the Canoa platform

  • Customize views
  • Set sticky filters, arrange columns, and save views across the entire team
Within Creative Admin module on Canoa, there are tags and filters so you can customize your view.

  • Drill down & live edit
  • View each products details in line and in the sidebar
  • Make edits in the table cells, or in the side bar
  • Bulk actions like publish, remove, add to collection, archive, and share
  • Import & export
  • Users can now import bulk data independently of engineering
  • Users can export data from the platform, edit, analyze or reconfigure it, and upload it back to the platform without duplicating product
A pop-up window shows how you can import products manually or use a csv upload button.

🚀Customer Order (CPO) Enhancements

Reminder emails for approvals and payments!!

  • An approval reminder email will be sent every 3 calendar days to everyone included when the CPO was first sent
  • A payment reminder email will be sent every 5 calendar days to the person who clicked on the Approve button.

CPO Expiration Dates!!!

  • We will begin including expiration dates for CPOs in all email comms sent to customers via our CPO process including the new reminder emails.
  • CPOS will have a 15 calendar day expiration from the date that they were finalized and made live.
  • The CPO form will display an Expiration countdown pill that counts down the days remaining. (emails will do the same and also show the expiration date)
The header of a project in Canoa shows that the order will expire in 15 days.

🚀 New Product & Kit Spec Editing Pages

Fluidly edit product/kit information and drawings at once

  • The video says it all 🙂


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