Release: Catalog Pro experience and Shuffling product options

Canoa releases new product info features for easy visibility and data creation.

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⚡ Catalog Pro Pilot

We’ve welcomed a few suppliers into our Catalog Pro experience

Current supplier list that is being onboarded this side of the holiday:

  • Hem
  • Noho
  • Memo
  • Massproductions
  • DesignByThem
  • BluDot
  • Norman Copenhagen
  • Bonus:  Kate Greenberg  Heartwork

🔀 Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle 🔀

We can offer many more options for our Ai recommendations! New shuffle button allows users to cycle through more products.

Hit “shuffle” on the upper right to show more options

📁 DXF/DWG Import Improvements

Import bugs and fixes to make our product drawing editor more seamless.

  • Autocad file support used to be extremely limited (only simple lines were supported basically)
  • We now support all 2D primitives: ellipse, circles, arc, poly curves, curves, lines, blocks and inserts as well has hatches that come as fill
  • DWG support is also in the release, no need to convert to DXF anymore

We DON’T support

  • Mesh faces
  • Text
  • Images

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💌 Some smaller things

The banner of collections at the top of the products page has been removed until we can deploy something more editorial and tailored to specific brands

⛳ Coming Soon…

Precise Scale 👀

Text in the Canvas 👀