REDDIE is an Australian furniture house that sees the beauty in recycled trash. Design with REDDIE on Canoa.

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REDDIE is a progressive Australian furniture house based in Sydney and Indonesia. REDDIE has built their name on timeless furniture, made to order and designed to fit. The founders Caroline and Andrew Olah combine practicality with a worldly perspective, drawing on experience living and working in New York, Hong Kong and Australia. Sharing a close relationship with their manufacturing team in Java, Indonesia allows them to work alongside interior designers and architects, and individuals to put a custom spin on our pieces. Featuring clean lines, classic charm and hand finished details. REDDIE makes furniture to order, with pieces designed to meet a need, not a trend.

The 2020 Aussie bushfires sparked an urgent conversation amongst their team on climate change and their environmental impact and put an actionable plan together to reduce waste, reverse their carbon footprint and give back to the communities that make their product. In 2023 REDDIE ReUse was launched. An initiative which applies innovative, sustainable materials to their existing product rage. To do so, they partnered with skilled grassroots makers in Indonesia to create test and refine three new materials for commercial application: reclaimed solid teak wood, recycled bottle cap surfaces and recycled plastic yarn.

Reclaimed Solid Teak Wood

This warm natural timber is abundant in Indonesia, salvaged from old buildings and scrap furniture. Selected at the recycled timber yard next to our factory, this repurposed material supplements existing FSC-certified solid teak wood already used across our collections.

Recycled Bottle Top Surfaces

The durable, terrazzo-like material is made from bottle tops sourced through the Surabaya Waste Bank - a local program incentivising the public to collect recyclable goods. Led by Tita, a team sorts plastic to match our design-led color ways. This is moulded into table tops in various shapes and sizes, and tested for structural integrity.

Recycled Plastic Yarn

Developed by Elizabeth and the team at DJAMU Indonesia, this string-like material made of recycled bottle tops lends itself perfectly to woven surfaces - as seen in our casually chic REDDIE ReUse chairs. Working alongside this thriving social enterprise has spurred our own  advocacy for Indonesian craft, design and business.

"We want to make a change in people’s disgust toward trash, by showing them that it can be turned into beautiful things, so they appreciate recycling. We enjoy seeing customers pleased with our product, and hope more people can be inspired to collect waste and reduce landfill.” - Tita, table top manufacturer

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"Our brand REDDIE furniture was created with designers in mind, versatile pieces, adaptable to each project. It's so great to work with a like-minded company like CANOA that has created a platform to help designers and also the end users make their specifying journey easier and enjoyable." - Caroline Olah, Co-founder REDDIE