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Public Shop Launch

Product Catalog (formerly The Shop) launches to the public, giving designers a whole new way to discover their new favorite things.
Written by
Chelsea Flintoft
Published on
May 30, 2024

9/26/2023 Update: Based on feedback from designers and suppliers, we updated The Shop to be a robust, data-rich product catalog where suppliers can publish their data, and designers can discover their new favorite products. This update provides freedom for even more product data to be shared while removing any barriers to collaborating with partners such as dealers or furniture reps.

For the past year, we have been hard at work building a curated shop filled with beautiful, sustainable objects for designers to discover. In November 2022, we launched this shop to our existing customers, and in May 2023 we launched shopping cart functionality to our customers, allowing anyone who was already a subscriber of Canoa to discover new products, add them to their cart, and check out.

Today, we released this shop to the public, so that anyone can discover and share new products.

A new storefront

Marketing refresh + public shop

The Canoa homepage is bright blue and shows a new header, the new way designers share.

Our goals were centered around self-serve user behaviors and improved discovery of both our brand and the tools were building. We wanted to create a seamless experience for any user to explore the Canoa universe - our tools and our shop - without even having to sign up.

🤫 The shop is open to everyone, but if you’re not logged in it’s limited 🤫

Hidden product data

  • Pricing
  • Discounts
  • Lead Time
  • Carbon

The cart is visible, but not usable

Inside the shop

Making it easier for users to discover products

  • Header with categories and quick filters
  • Fewer but mightier collections, kits, and products together
  • New card design, featuring a quickship icon 👀 and new “condition” chip
  • Kits cards have a new, editorial look
Product catalog tags include second life, quickship, and favorites, so you can curate and filter.
The navigation on Canoa's catalog lets you filter for accessories like pillows and rugs.
The featured collections in the Canoa catalog include furniture flex, pop-up, or dine in style.
A furniture collection features yellow and tan lounge chairs and side tables, creating a warm space.

🧑‍🎨 Shop selection de-duplicated and curated 🧑‍🎨

  • New SKUs!
  • When we launched V1 of the shop in October 2022, we had 652 SKUs
  • Today, we have 8,567
  • Beautiful, consistent formatting
  • Sizing streamlined
  • Name clean-up

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