PRACTICE DISRUPTED: Architecture And: The Future of Workplace

February 17, 2022

PRACTIVE DISRUPTED: Architecture And: The Future of Workplace

As CEO of CANOA, Federico Negro is building the first end-to-end platform for designing, procuring, and managing low-carbon, reconfigurable interiors in the workplace. What does that mean in simple terms? Clients and designers can design, purchase, and completely furnish the office space without touching CAD or going through a dealer.

Even though CANOA is a technology platform, they are reimagining the supply chain and procurement process for everything that, “falls out of a building when you turn it upside down.” And did we mention they are doing so in the most climate-friendly way possible?

CANOA is on its way to being certified as a B Corp and is not the first company that Fedrico Negro founded. We talked with him about everything from building company culture, launching a workplace-focused company just before the pandemic, and building a business from the ground up, having learned from his first successful company, Case (which was acquired by WeWork).

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