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Exploring regenerative design with PROWL Studio. Design with PROWL on Canoa.

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Fast furniture is a massive problem in the design industry. Low-quality, toxic materials and the constant pressure to keep up with changing trends lead to over 12 million tons of furniture being disposed of in the U.S. alone each year. PROWL Studio, a female-owned industrial design and research studio based in San Francisco, focuses on exploring ways on combating fast furniture from within by designing with healthier materials and incorporating an accessible end-of-life plan from the beginning of the design process. 

Their work spans furniture, materials, lighting and EV campers. Their Progress Projections are coveted nuggets synthesizing global regenerative motifs by highlighting trail blazers, mapping out actionable steps for brands, and ultimately asking their readers to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

“Before discovering CANOA, we had yet to witness anyone in the furniture and interiors space taking leaps toward having real impact. CANOA seems to have leapfrogged the competition. 

As industrial designers, we are on the other end of this chain. It was such a relief when we discovered CANOA because it gave us confidence that the things we design will have the chance  to be employed responsibly, with an extended life. Also…. let’s be real… the curation of their shop is (fire).”

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FX Collaborative Podcast

Listen in as Lauryn Menard, Co-founder PROWL, and Federico Negro, Founder CANOA, explore the furniture industry and how the future of the built environment starts and ends with all of us.

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