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Matterport Features Canoa in Case Study

Canoa creates low carbon commercial real estate retrofits and asset planning tool. Featured in Matterport case study.
Written by
Chelsea Flintoft
Published on
May 30, 2024

Lance Amato and Canoa are Featured in Matterport's Case Study for Commercial Retrofits

As Canoa, our journey began in 2020 with a mission to transform the way interior spaces are designed and managed to align with sustainability and environmental consciousness. We offer a cloud-based platform for design, construction, and inventory management, with a focus on adaptive, low-carbon, reconfigurable retrofits for various commercial spaces. Canoa's platform, accessible via web browsers, simplifies the design process by providing ready-made templates and specifications while also managing customers' inventory post-construction. Our commitment to sustainability is more than just a buzzword; it's a core value, as reflected in the manifesto published on our website.

In collaboration with a network of trusted installation partners across the United States, we set out to redefine the retrofit process. Canoa leverages Matterport's technology to capture and convert real-world spaces into digital twins, streamlining the initial surveying process. This revolutionary approach ensures accuracy and efficiency, enabling us to create precise floor plans and reimagine spaces with sustainable design choices. By utilizing Matterport's reality capture technology bi-annually, we keep our floor plans up to date, adapting to the evolving needs of our clients and the changing landscape of office environments.

However, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond design and construction. We recognize the importance of tracking and managing inventory to minimize environmental impact. Canoa uses Matterport to tag and track every item, from desks and chairs to appliances and equipment, making it easier to maintain and repair. This comprehensive approach ensures our clients are aware of their inventory's carbon footprint and allows us to promote environmentally conscious usage.

Moreover, Matterport's Capture Services On-Demand has simplified the process of capturing spaces. This service allows our customers to order a digital twin within 72 hours, saving both time and money. While detailed planning and design require Matterport's Pro2 or Leica BLK3 3D cameras, quarterly inventory scans can be conducted with a simple cell phone, reducing the barrier for entry and empowering our clients to participate actively in the process.

Canoa's journey is a testament to the power of technology in advancing sustainability and efficiency in commercial spaces. Our dedication to rethinking interior environments and utilizing cutting-edge tools like Matterport allows us to create spaces that are not only adaptive and functional but also eco-friendly and mindful of the future.

Read our case study in more detail HERE.

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