Lance Amato on Everything Coworking Podcast

Lance Amato joins Jamie Russo on the Everything Coworking podcast to discuss Canoa's commitment to sustainability in design.

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Canoa's Lance Amato joins Everything Coworking Podcast, Episode 305, 'Elevating Furniture Procurement For Coworking Spaces'

Lance Amato joins Jamie Russo, host of the Everything Coworking podcast, to explore how Canoa is revolutionizing furniture purchasing for coworking space operators. Lance shares his invaluable insights on how Canoa can help operators buy better furniture that offers superior quality, innovative design, and sustainability. With his background in architecture and experience in designing numerous WeWork locations, Lance brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation.

Note: This podcast includes discussion of Canoa’s marketplace. As of 9/26/2023, users can no longer place orders directly through Canoa. However, users can continue to discover real product data for new and second life goods, and are connected with suppliers to place orders.

Listen to hear Lance and Jamie delve into Canoa’s commitment to sustainability, discussing our efforts to offer eco-friendly furniture options. Learn how incorporating environmentally conscious choices into your coworking space can create a positive impact on both the environment and the member experience.

They dive into other design tools and how Canoa stacks up, and they cover how different user types could use Canoa, even dealers!

“We're here not to completely disrupt your workflow, but to add and power to your workflow.” Lance Amato

They wrap up by talking about the future of Canoa, and then have a little fun and get personal - listen to Lance talk about his time as an amateur video game player and how his dad was a professional basketball player.