Federico Negro Joins PROWL Studio On Architecture 5 10 20 Podcast

A conversation about sustainable furniture with PROWL Studio and CANOA hosted by Florencia Kratsman at FXCollaborative.

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Federico Negro Joins PROWL Studio on Architecture 5 10 20 Podcast, 'Sustainability and the Furniture Industry: Solutions for a Greener Future'

NeoCon June 27, 2023

Listen as Lauryn Menard, Founder of PROWL Studio and Federico Negro, Founder and CEO of CANOA, discuss different perspectives on the current landscape of design and how they envision a more sustainable future. Lauryn and Federico both offer suggestions for more responsible and regenerative options for the physical world. Together, they speak about easier ways companies can approach decisions with more curiosity and less rigidity.

Lauryn’s and Federico’s combined optimism gives hope to present and future professionals in the design space. As physical spaces become more like a complement to digital spaces, we can refocus on human-centered designs that balance eco-conscious elements anchored in simplicity. Our curiosity of a responsible and regenerative future for the physical world can empower us to make better decisions in design."


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Guest Host:

Florencia Kratsman, Director of Interior Architecture at FXCollborative


Federico Negro, Founder and CEO of CANOA Supply.

Lauryn Menard, Co-Founder + Creative Director at PROWL Studio.