Federico Negro in LastMeter Talks with John Manoochehri and Antony Slumbers

November 11, 2021

A really fun and informal chat between Antony Slumbers and host John Manoochehri of BASE2 for the inaugural 'Last Meter Talks'.

We mainly discussed the changing nature of the profession as it relates to conventional business models and our responsibility in the face of climate change. This was a really interesting time as it was taped in the summer of 2020, early into the Covid-19 pandemic.


A lightly edited first chat to share perspectives on the opportunities and issues around sustainability in the built environment.

Obligations to do the right thing are giving way to incentives to do the best thing. New roles for architects, designers, engineers – and social, psychological and artistic skill sets – are emerging. It's time to start up, not to give up.

Perspectives, experiences, and comment from John Manoochehri (BASE2), Federico Negro (Canoa), Antony Slumbers (Real Innovation Academy).

(Apologies for audio quality – it gets better after 15 mins)”

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