Federico Negro in Business Insider Top 15 List

Federico Negro, founder of Canoa, discusses environmentally friendly office spaces and the impact of reuse in design.

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Federico Negro, Founder of Canoa, Featured in Business Insider's List of 15 People Shaping the Office of the Future

Negro, the CEO of Canoa, says offices don't become environmentally friendly without careful planning.

Negro said Canoa, a company in Brooklyn, New York, that reconfigures workplaces, helps reduces waste and excessive costs often associated with retrofits meant to modernize aging commercial buildings.

Canoa designed a digital marketplace for businesses to rent office furniture, decorations, and accessories — when the business decides to move, the items are returned to Canoa and then rented to other customers. Canoa says it also supplies a professional interior designer to help businesses configure their space.

The company's platform debuted in June, when it was featured in the "This Is America" showcase at Milan Design Week. Its services range from a one-time design package to subscriptions that can cost as much as $6,000 a month.

"We've gotten to a point where business owners don't want to waste anything and they want to track everything," Negro said. "That applies to the interior-design space as well. So we're buying better stuff that has a good chance of being reused and making it easier for people to access it. It's a win-win."

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