February Unlocks

February was a big month for us with eight key features unlocked today: Scale, Frame, Align, Add Shapes, Text, Comment and Import + Export work.

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Design more, fuss less. Every month we are dropping a new batch of updates. Here is February’s! 

🔓 Monthly Unlocks 

Every month we’ll be dropping a new batch of updates.  

👇 What’s Here 

→ Eight new features in Canvas! 

→ Each one designed to make the day-to-day workflow easier! 

💫 + Bonus Content 

→ Design Hacks, we're serving our community new templates.

→ Unfiltered conversations with our design advocates.  

→ And an exclusive look at what’s coming next month. 

Scale, Frame and Communicate… oh my!

February was a big month for us with eight key features unlocked today: Scale, Frame, Align, Add Shapes, Text, Comment and Import + Export work. With all these features you can now:

Space Plan

(Go from concepts to layouts in one tool)

Designers, how many times have you wished there was a tool that allowed you to create concepts and space plan at the same time? With scale you can add your floor plan backgrounds, scale it and start creating layouts right next to your concepts.   

Learn how to import your import and scale your plans. 

Scaling your plans


(The splendors of team building)

Comments bring a new level of team collaboration to Canoa. Invite your entire team to work together in one place. Leave comments, feedback and make decisions together.  

Learn how to use the comment section

Learn to add comments


(Create your beautiful projects in Canoa)

Sharing your work with your project partners and customers is a vital part of the design process. With frames, align, text and shapes, you can now create your own presentation layouts. Whether you want to show concepts, a space plan, specifications or all the above, create the format that works best for you. Also import/export your work as pdf, jpeg, or png.

Learn how to use frames to create your presentation. 

Frame your workspace

Hack It

(Don't start from scratch)

Let's be real, every designer starts their process differently. Whether you start by finding inspiration, organizing a framework or jumping right into space planning. Now in one place you can do all three! And we have templates to help you get started.

Designer Template:

Click here to launch the Designer Template Canvas

👀 Sneak Peek

We are pumped for March’s Unlock!  

March focuses on features that give designers the ability to turn concepts into refined projects and develop technical specifications, budgets and presentations more easily. 

While January and February ushered in features that supported the designers upstream workflow: concepting, space planning, specifying, collaborating and presenting their work; March will round out the entire design process by allowing designers to see their designs turned into refined projects. Highly anticipated features coming include: bringing in technical project needs like milestones, furniture schedules, budgets, area planning and even inventory management tracking. Designers will now be able to create formal projects with budgets that are pulled directly from their designs. Imagine a world where once you are done designing your project is already magically created with budgets, technical specifications, milestones, lead times and carbon footprint... 

Excited about this?, so are we. Stay tuned for more updates.

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