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Meet Denvir Enterprises

Meet Denvir Enterprises, a creative studio based out of LA and founded by Holland Denvir.
Written by
Chelsea Flintoft
Published on
May 30, 2024

Meet Denvir Enterprises, a creative studio based out of LA and founded by Holland Denvir. Since 2020 they have been busy rep'n offbeat brands like Sun at Six, Esaila and Gantri, launched their own accessories line WIP and have curated numerous non-profit exhibitions like Object Permanence.

About Denvir Enterprises 

Denvir Enterprises has been selling stuff that looks good with other stuff since 2020. DE represents a diverse roster of commercial-grade brands in the interior design and architecture industry and places a strong emphasis on both customer service and the client experience. Sustainability is key in the DE collection and is interwoven into their brands’ material sourcing and manufacturing practices from the beginning, bringing you commercial products that will outlive trends and not end up on a curb or in a landfill. Check out  Sustainability Check for a comprehensive overview of DE’s sustainability practices. And to discover more about DE, go to denvirenterprises.com and on Instagram at @denvirenterprises.

Explore Denvir Enterprises product lines in our shop.


About Holland Denvir:

Holland Denvir has had an extensive career in the interior design industry - beginning as a woodworker, then pivoting to working in various boutique interior design firms before transitioning to B2B business development for D2C brands such as Hem. Holland caught their stride in business development, finding their passion in connecting people to people and people to products. 

In July 2020, Holland launched Denvir Enterprises (DE) – a multi-line, B2B creative sales agency that would marry their love of business, design and curation. Quickly thereafter, in 2021, Holland launched their D2C design brand, Work in progress (WIP) that provided a space to further explore their creativity and opportunities for collaboration. 

Since 2019, Holland has teamed up with Another Human owner, Leah Ring, to curate a series of short-lived exhibitions and non-profit auctions called Object Permanence with the goal of fostering community within the design industry while generating meaningful donations to organizations promoting community wellness and creativity. 

Holland lives in Los Angeles with their partner and not one, not two, but three cats.

"My interest in CANOA was sparked by their commitment to progress and evolution within the existing systems of project coordination and management. CANOA is bringing much-needed technology to an industry in desperate need of a revamp, all while elevating many of the participants. For a project to come to fruition, so many moving pieces have to come together - all of which are facilitated by teams of people all across the interior design industry, and often all over the world. CANOA is helping to highlight all of these players and streamline the process along the way."

- Holland Denvir

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