Canoa x Reseat 

Today marks a new milestone as we work towards supporting our design community in providing solutions with circularity at the forefront.

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When we founded Canoa in 2019, our goal was to get our industry to think big again. To help foster the courage to solve the big problems of our time. Ours is an industry that has finally started to reinvent itself, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

For us, what is clear:

  • We believe the central focus of spatial design in the 21st century must become that of finding a more perfect union between humans and the planet.
  • We believe it is a human right for all to have access to healthy environments at home, school and at work without negatively affecting future generations’ ability to do the same.

Canoa’s mission is to make good, healthy design accessible by empowering designers with enriched data and the best-in class design tools. 

Reseats mission is to keep great office furniture out of landfill by having a proactive plan in place for the furniture's 2nd life cycle (and beyond), right at the point of purchase. 

And so, we could not be more excited to announce that Reseat 2nd life products are now available at Canoa. 

“Reseat does an incredible job of bringing 2nd life products to market. But we know designers need reliable design tools at their fingertips to truly implement 2nd life products in designs. We believe 2nd life should not be an afterthought, or a cheaper option. It also shouldn’t just be included during the beginning phases of design. It’s now imperative more than ever that we don’t just look at circularity as a design strategy but as a new design lifestyle, a new design vernacular we need to adopt.”

- Federico Negro, Founder and CEO Canoa

The Canoa and Reseat partnership provides designers an easier, faster and more reliable way to source, design, track and implement their circular initiatives. By bringing design, sourcing and purchasing closer together we empower designers to have true accountability and understanding of their impact, and by extension adopt circularity into their everyday lives. 

"Canoa's innovative design tool is reshaping the landscape for dealers, designers, and architects, by simplifying the entire process of product specification and ordering. It's undeniably a game-changing development!" 

-Brandi Susewitz Founder and CEO Reseat

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