Use Case:
Tracking FF&E Assets
How understanding what is in your spaces today, can help you plan for tomorrow

Whether you are growing, downsizing, or simply operating your organization's real estate day-to-day, the what, where, wear of your FF&E assets is always important to keep track of. Today, most teams do this in an outdated and manual way: pen, paper, or hundreds of excel sheets. This takes time and, moreover, a ton of energy from a group that is probably already understaffed to begin with. Up until now, the only way to audit your space has been through an investment of significant people hours. FLOAT is changing this. Our audit feature allows you to upload all your assets into your portfolio, and then keep track of them on the go, by uploading care notes or refurbishment needs with a simple mobile app.

Throw out your spreadsheets, and get on FLOAT.

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