The current process to get 2D floor plans and 3D walk-throughs of your space is time-consuming, expensive, and requires a ton of inefficient communication back and forth.


TEST FIT allows you to envision what your space can become, and to encourage the imagination of your future tenant. Simply upload the floor plan of your commercial real estate into our app, and receive a layout and 3D walk-through back in 48 hours. Your built in dashboard helps you store and keep track of all your properties and their potential configurations.


  • Visualize more spaces - our monthly subscription lowers the barrier to entry for great 2D floor plans and 3D walk-throughs
  • Get time back on your calendar - no more emailing and calling for status updates equals more time back in your day
  • Stay organized - our dashboard function allows you to access all your current and past layouts easily and seamlessly
  • Impress future tenants - get your clients excited with what the space could become
  • Enable accurate pricing & fast move-in - each test fit comes with real build-out costs for Canoa's FLOAT¬†product line

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