Space Auditing


At this moment across the globe, there are thousands of facilities managers walking around their buildings with a pen and paper, writing down the location and description of objects that need attention. Broken chair legs, stained couches, torn rugs. It's not only a time-consuming and frustrating exercise, but also one that leaves no digital trace. We bet you couldn't even tell us how many conference room chairs you have in your office space right now, let alone the condition each single asset is in. Enter AUDIT.


AUDIT is a user-friendly app that allows facilities managers and their teams to digitally track each asset in their space. If you notice an issue with an asset during a walk-through, add in updates to its digital twin in the app. It's actually that simple. If you've built out your space with our FLOAT product, every single asset will already be loaded in your AUDIT app so you can hit the ground running on day one.


  • Turn your assets into data
  • Understand the value of what's in your space
  • Save your team hours and hours of inefficient work

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