The only source-to-pay workflow for buying & selling commercial furniture

CANOA is the only lightweight design app with an embedded marketplace for new and second hand commercial furniture, a robust order management system, b2b checkout and a nationwide fulfillment network.


A marketplace full of products and designs that makes it easy

We completely reinvented the designer's shopping experience by bringing together design, commercial and CAD data into a single workflow.

This source-to-pay buying experience allows you to browse through hundreds of new and second hand sustainable products from hundreds of brands and ready-made design templates  that are ready to be ordered, drag and drop them into your design and order them, all in a single workflow.

An easy drag-n-drop interface that works in any browser

The only browser-based lightweight CAD platform with an embedded furniture marketplace, CANOA is easy to use. Say no to file sharing, software installs and lack of searchable records.

Get real-time cost, lead time and availability as you design

Drag and drop templates or individual products on to the canvas and watch the price, discounts, lead times and quantities rise or fall as you make decisions.

CANOA works with hundreds of brands and resellers that automatically update us on any changes to availability, pricing or design data required to finalize a commercial purchase order. Get automatically notified of changes and more.

Move your team's workflow online

Designing commercial spaces has never been a solo job. Whether you're an in-house designer buying for your employer or designing on behalf of a client, preparing all of the information necessary for good and timely decision-making is a huge and manual task that unfortunately has to be redone again and again throughout the lifecycle of even a single project.

CANOA makes it really easy for designers and their end-users to collaborate and make decisions together and in real time.

Plan your project easily

A design is realized only when real world factors are brought into play and considered. CANOA's project dashboard brings together all of the planning information necessary to create and order and fulfill it using its national network of third party logistics providers.

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Once ready, place your order and pay online, or route to your procurement team

A project can hold as many orders as needed, broken up by order size, lead times, vendor or any other way in that you find it useful. An order is created as a collection of products to be purchased and delivered to a particular address. Orders are 100% transparent, collecting all supplier information and discounts.

CANOA is vendor agnostic and processes orders across 100s of suppliers. Once an order is approved by the customer and paid for, CANOA handles the automatic payouts to all suppliers and tracks the orders to its distribution centers where they are prepared for final delivery and installation.

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Track your orders across multiple projects and vendors

It is common to have multiple orders and multiple projects happening at any time or being planned. CANOA is the only source-to-pay platform that gives you a centralized system of record to plan and execute your work across your portfolio of spaces.

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Track your inventory (coming soon)