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Introducing the Canoa design management platform. A single place to help you collaborate, automate and manage the end-to-end process of retrofitting commercial real estate at scale.

Smart Space Planning, In The Browser

Layout and iterate on plan options in our intuitive design interface. Test layouts against program zones, compliance requirements, occupancy targets and other design criteria. Built-in automations assist with decision-making.

Code Compliant, In More Than 1,200 Municipalities

Consolidate and and manage a portfolio of locations. Understand site conditions, including relevant zoning and building code regulations. Upload and manage documents and drawings, and collaborate with team members.

Built for teams

No more software to install, no more files to manage or share, no more lost work. Canoa brings all your workflows into the browser. Design together, share your plans with others, comment in context and more.

Leverage Our Design Templates, Or Build Your Own

Make confident product choices using our curated catalog or upload your product standards. Build kits and collections and compare specifications, including cost, lead-time and sustainability criteria.

One-Click Purchase Orders

Place your order directly through the platform. Approval workflows, supplier confirmations, and BOMs are automated and tracked on the platform and are ready to integrate with your procurement system.

Inventory Management

An advantage of volumetric components is our ability to move them, relocate them, reuse them, remanufacture them and more. Keeping track of where they are, how they are holding up and when they are due for a check up is critical to extending their life.

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Designed For:

Whether you're a new brand with national aspirations, an established operator of commercial space, or a large real-estate occupier, we've built our platform for you – the people who know the challenges of speed and scale.

Space Planner

Rapidly test and iterate layouts and furniture kits with live feedback on cost, efficiency, and environmental metrics.

Product Researcher

Choose from our beautifully-designed, responsibly-sourced products, upload your own, or let us customize your catalog.

Procurement Specialist

Streamline purchasing from multiple vendors in one easy interface. Easy coordination of orders, payments, and install.

Project Manager

Manage your design projects from end-to-end, with a real time view of progress, cost, and logistics.

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Product features.

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Built-in Integrations

Integrations that help you gather speed.

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Climate change and affordability are the largest problems facing our cities in the 21st century. Our ability to quickly adapt & reinvent our cities is critical if we are to rise to these challenges.

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