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How to Search for Products by Brand

How to Search for Products by Brand

This article will teach you how to search for your products on Canoa, and showcase the various places your product is discoverable on the Canoa platform for all users.

Start by signing into your account by going to canoa.supply.

The first way you can search for your products is heading over to our Products Catalog. You can search by brand by typing in the brand search bar.

Products Icon in the left Navigation Bar

Start clicking the stars to add to your personal Catalog for easy look up and use in your Canvases and Projects later. Consider these your favorites.

Next, you can browse your products by heading over to the Canvas. Create a new Canvas or click on a Canvas that someone has shared with you. Once you're in the Canvas, this really is a great way to add product recommendations from your brand and start creating a specification or a request for a quote.

- Go up to the toolbar and click on the plus sign.

- Find your brand on the drop down Brand menu.

- Select the brand, and then see your list of products.

Product search in a Canvas

You can toggle between a more detailed view with the pricing, the size, as well as the carbon footprint. Once you've found the product you're looking for, drag it into your Canvas.

Now you can use the product as purely an image; you can also remove the background to give it more of a layering effect; or you can add it to the specifications that are already there by selecting the product card icon.

Product Card View. Toggle to the icons on the left to see the image and the 2D drawing.