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How to remove users from your CANOA account

How to remove users from your CANOA account

This article will teach you to remove users from your Canoa account.

How to find your Account Details:

Team Management allows you to add or remove users for your account, determine the level of access for each user, and edit your account information. The Team Management page is found by clicking on the Team icon on the left navigation bar.

Deleting a User

Note: Only Admin users will have the ability to delete users

  • Click on the Delete Icon (garbage can icon) on the right of the users table
  • Select YES when asked to confirm the removal of the user.
  • Once you remove a user, they are permanently deleted from your account. If you need to add that user back into your account, your will have to follow the How to Add New Users process.

Pricing Changes for Deleting Users:

Pricing for users is charged based on your pricing tier, and your pricing may change with the removal of users. Please see the Canoa Pricing page for more details or contact [email protected] for more information.