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How to publish your product data with Canoa

How to publish your product data with Canoa

This article will walk you through the requirements needed to have your product data published on Canoa, and what it takes to maintain that data so it stays up to date and accurate for all users.

First, become a supplier on Canoa.

Second, choose one of three ways to onboard and manage your data:

  • Direct link to Airtable - If your company already works in a program like Airtable, we can directly link to our platform. (For images in your Airtable, attach the image directly or paste the image URL into the field. Both options work great!) The fields in your Airtable need to match the fields in this Canoa x Supplier Template.
  • GoogleSheet, Excel or CSV spreadsheet - Provide a spreadsheet with each product as it’s own line item. Copy this Canoa x Supplier Template and follow the format. Images in this format must be in URL form. This can be found from a data pull or right clicking on an image on your website and copying the image URL.
  • Shopify Data Pull - Your team may pull a CSV or similar spreadsheet directly from your Shopify and format per the Canoa x Supplier Template

Finally, download your spreadsheet to a CSV and submit formatted data or drop in your direct Airtable link to our Product Data Form.

After filling out these forms and submitting your data, your products will soon be available for specification on Canoa. As a supplier, you are responsible for maintaining accurate data you share with Canoa. We recommend that you update your Airtable or Excel Spreadsheet weekly or monthly -- pinging the Canoa team when an update to your data has been made.

*Note: It may be helpful to loop in someone from your marketing or IT team that has experience with the data that makes up your website and your catalogs or price lists.

Video Transcript: 

This video will show you how to update your product data manually in your Canoa provided air table. This is great for updating small batches of product data. If there are production delays and lead times have pushed or a price increase, you can make these updates quickly in your Canoa provided air table.

So first, let's start by opening your Canoa provided air table, which might look something like this. Find the fields you wish to update. I'm going to update the lead time. And the list prices. This particular lounge chair has pushed out to 24 weeks. I'm going to update all of the lead times by copy and pasting. This particular chair has increased to $2,400. The rest have stayed as-is. Once the product data is complete, See you next week. Reach out to your Canoa contact to let them know your product data has been updated, and Canoa will push the update to the Canoa catalog in a matter of minutes. For larger batch uploads and maintenance, please check out our other videos in our Help Center or our YouTube page.

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